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il 6, 2007* Estimated cost: $67 million* Dome▓stic gross: $25 millionQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez managed to turn twice the filmmaking firepower into half the box office (and a third of the critical praise). With "Grindhouse," what began as an

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While that recouped a little of the Weinstein Co.'s ▓money, it incurred the wrath of purists who were angry that the original film had been corrupted. Tarantino and Weinstein are famously loyal to each other, and while the writer-director eventually made good on the losses with the $120 million-grossing "Inglourious Basterds" this year, "Grindhouse" was one instance where loyalty nearly brought down the house.Lijiang is a place blessed with an advantageous geographical position and a mild climate▓ all year-round, resulting in a variety of natural resources and agricultural prod▓ucts in the region. The Naxi people, who have lived he▓re for many generations, have developed their own cuisine using the rich local ingredients. Th▓eir dishes, with a refreshing flavor intermediate bet

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ween Han Group and Tibetan, are a must to try if▓ you are visiting Lijiang.Actually, authentic Na▓xi cuisine consists of a number of tasty snack▓s that can be easily found in the s▓treets of Lijiang City. Jidou Liangfen (a kind of jelly mad▓e from chick pea) is one of the favorit▓e snacks of locals, so don't forget to sample it while o

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